The California Center is hosted by University of California—Los Angeles (UCLA).  Located on the premises of the Latin American Institute (Bunche Hall), the Center has two local referents: Efrain Kristal, Director of the Department of Comparative Literature at UCLA, and Kevin Terraciano, director of the Latin American Institute. This partnership allowed for the organization of the conference "Pathway for Cooperation and Research in the Americas" which marked the inauguration of the Center in early 2015.

Discover in 180 seconds the thesis of Alexandre Pires, coordinator of the California center (2022-2025) PhD student at the Université Paris Cité (ED 624)

PhD dissertation topic : “Billboards, representations of female bodies and production of Los Angeles’s space. Analyzing the dialectical interrelationship between the logics of construction of stereotyped female bodies and the logics of production of socio-spatial injustices in Los Angeles. under the direction of Renaud Le Goix and Pauline Guinard.

Combining cultural geography and gender studies, Alexandre Pires' research focuses on the urban space of Los Angeles as a structure and a platform for the commodification of female bodies. For decades, the Hollywood audiovisual and film industry has been shaping female beauty standards and stereotypes, which are then displayed in Los Angeles’s public space through billboards. By conducting a study of Los Angeles’s billboards, the coordinator of the California center questions how advertising female bodies reveals, reinforces, transforms and sometimes debunks the social, economic, racial and political inequalities that structure the city.


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Les anciens coordinateurs du pôle Californie:

Eugénie Clément (2019-2022) - Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (ED 286)

« Anticapitalisme et luttes environnementales en territoire Diné: négociations, tensions, mobilisations » sous la direction de Sara Le Menestrel et Thomas GRILLOT


Andrew Meyer (2016-2019) - Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS, ED 286)
« La restitution volontaire et la restitution légale : Une ethnographie du marché international d’art ancien amérindien », sous la direction de Marie Mauzé (EHESS, Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale)

 Amandine DEBRUYKER (2013-2016) - Aix Marseille Université 
« Les cycles de la vie et de la mort chez les migrants mexicains de Los Angeles. Comment les procédés techniques et rituels du soin du corps s’adaptent-ils aux nécessités d’une recomposition identitaire », sous la direction de Frédéric Saumade.


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