This panel will discuss the links between art and activism today for young Native women, with a focus on the importance of storytelling by and from an Indigenous perspective, as a new generation of women uses art in their communities.

A lot has been written and painted about Indigenous Peoples, but what changes when you get the chance to tell your life, your story, with your own words? How do these Native artists view American society and their own place within it?

Those questions will be the core of this panel co-organized by the California Center of the Institut des Amériques, the American Indian Studies Centerthe Latin American Institute (UCLA) and the College of Social Sciences of UCLA.

Vendredi 23 avril 2021
de 11h à 12h40
With the support of IdA
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indigenous woman and artists: art as resistance

Indigenous women as artists: Art as resistance

Le 23 avril 2021


indigenous woman and artists: art as resistance