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David Philippy is an historian of economics, currently a postdoc fellow researcher at CY Cergy Paris University (AGORA center) and an associate member of the Walras-Pareto Centre (University of Lausanne). He holds a PhD in economics from HEC Lausanne (title of the dissertation: “The World Behind the Demand Curve: A History of the Economics of Consumption in the US, 1885-1934”). His research mainly focuses on the history of the field called “the economics of consumption” in the early 20th century US, with a particular emphasis on the crucial role played by the American home economics movement and female institutionalist economists. In his ongoing postdoc research project “Economists in the Household: A Study of American Consumption after 1923,” he is interested in the epistemological debates that followed the publication of Hazel Kyrk’s famous Theory of Consumption to understand how the economics of consumption transformed in the inter-war and how it shaped our modern representation of consumer’s sovereignty.