G. Bonacci, 13 minutes Marseille, 2018, photo by Hélène Boyer
Resarch fellow
Research fellow
Research fellow
Modern and contemporary history

Diasporas, migrations, back to Africa, Pan Africanism, Rastafari

Giulia Bonacci is a historian, she studies the intellectual history and the popular cultures that circulate between Africa and the African Diaspora since the 19th century, Pan Africanism and the Rastafari movement. Her book Exodus! Heirs and Pioneers, Rastafari Return to Ethiopia was translated and published by The University of the West Indies Press (2015) and received two awards in the USA (IndieFab Book of the Year Award for History and Choice Outstanding Academic Title). A scientific editor of various books and journals, her latest papers were published in Global Africa, Esclavages & Post-esclavages, IDEAZ, Tumultes, Northeast African Studies, The International Journal of African Historical Studies, Volume!, and New West Indian Guide.