The Center is hosted by the French Institute of Andean Studies (IFEA), present in Lima since 1948. An important event in which the Andean pole Lima participates are the Days of Young Americanists (JJA), organized by the CEMCA and the Mexico center since 2010 and since 2015, alternating the organization with the IFEA.  This major event for young Americanist research aims to promote the production of works in the humanities and social sciences in the Americas and to contribute to the dialogue between young researchers by offering a space for reflection and analysis. This event is also an opportunity for the Andean Lima center to strengthen its links with other centers of the Institute of the Americas as well as with researchers from CEMCA (Center for Mexican and Central American Studies) and Casa Velázquez.


Discover in 180 seconds the thesis of Sharie Neira Rios, coordinator of the Lima Center (2020-2023), PhD student at the University of Paris (ED 624).

PHD dissertation topic : « Coloniality in the era of neoliberal globalization: racialized women, work and detention in Peru (end of the 20th century - beginning of the 21st century). » Under the direction of Jules Falquet et de Lissell Quiroz


The activities of the Andean Lima Center mainly focus on an understanding of contemporary socio-political dynamics. In recent decades, the Andean countries, and Peru in particular, have undergone significant changes (social, political, economic), the scope and foundations of which must be understood. This perspective includes the realization and participation in events as well as research on forms of social organizations, political mobilizations but also the structuring of public policies in a broad perspective. The work of Sharie Neira Rios aims to understand the reform of Peruvian prisons by analyzing contemporary social, historical and political dynamics. She thus proposes to study the continuity between the colonial period and neoliberal globalization, taking as an object Peruvian women from working-class circles imprisoned in Cusco. 

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Arthur MORENAS (2017-2020) - Université de Strasbourg
"Les fondements sociaux du "modèle péruvien" : analyse sociopolitique des politiques économiques au Pérou", sous la direction de Vincent Dubois.

François BIGNON (2014-2017) - Université Rennes 2 
"La guerre entre le Pérou et l'Equateur et la nationalisation des frontières andines (1933-1945)", sous la direction de Luc Capdevila. 


Chloé PAUX (2011-2014) - Université Rennes 2 
"L'intégration andine en quête de sens : construction d'une "communauté imaginée" en 40 ans d'intégration régionale", sous la direction de Gérard Borras. 


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