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Transatlantica Special Issue Call for Papers - American Women Writers Abroad

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Be they explorers, adventurers, travelers, exiles or expatriates, scores of women have broken free from the domestic sphere to which a male-dominated society would have them bound and recorded their impressions of the wider world in their writings (letters, diaries, travelogues) or used them as artistic material. For a long time, though, British Victorian women’s literature remained the almost exclusive focus of critical scholarship while American women writers’ contribution to this field was largely neglected. Travel literature has been the focus of much critical attention over the last decades in the wake of postcolonial studies, but only a handful of scholars have investigated the way in which American women writers have specifically addressed questions of selfhood and nationhood.

     This special issue aims at bringing to light specific paradigms of female mobility in a US context, building on previous studies by established scholars like Mary Suzanne Schriber (Writing Home : American Women Abroad, 1830-1920, 1997), Cheryl Fish (Black and White Women’s Travel Narratives: Antebellum Explorations, 2004) and Susan L. Robertson (Antebellum American Women Writers and the Road: American Mobilities, 2011). Most of the existing scholarship understandably addresses the question within the time frame of the long 19th century, when the U.S. was struggling to assert its difference from European superpowers and establish itself as a full-fledged nation. Although studies exploring this time period are most welcome, we would like to widen the scope of examination by including essays dealing with American women’s travel experiences from colonial times to the late 20th century.

Proposals dealing with any of these themes and offering innovative and/or challenging perspectives on American women writers’ travel experiences will be most welcome. Authors should submit full-length essays and a short CV to Stéphanie Durrans (stephanie.durrans@u-bordeaux-montaigne.fr) by April 30, 2018. Papers should not exceed 45,000 signs, inclusive of footnotes and spaces, and authors should follow the formatting guidelines to be found online: http://transatlantica.revues.org/5220?lang=en. The editor will pre-select up to 9 proposals to make sure the issue reflects a broad variety of angles, methodologies and concerns. These essays will then be submitted to the approval of the editorial committee of Transatlantica after being peer-reviewed.

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