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Elizabeth Bishop in Paris

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Elizabeth Bishop in Paris. Spaces of Translation and Translations of space 



9:00 Registration (3rd floor) with Coffee & Croissants on arrival

9:30-10:15    Editing Elizabeth Bishop (chair: Angus Cleghorn) Thomas Travisano (Hartwick College),

“The Editing of Elizabeth Bishop: A Brief History” 10:15 Coffee break (3rd floor)

10:30-12:30  Shifting Sands: Bishop in the Archive (chair: Lorrie Goldensohn)

Bethany Hicok (Williams College),

“Go to the Source: New Directions in Bishop Studies at the Fluid Boundaries of the Archive”

Vivian Pollak (Washington University in St. Louis),

“Bishop’s Letters to Dr. Ruth Foster: A Biographical Speculation”

Heather Treseler (Worcester State University),

“Bishop and the Scenes of Reading and Writing” 12:30 Buffet - Lunch (3rd floor)

1:30-3:30      Bishop and Creative Spaces (chair: Lisa Goldfarb)

Susan Rosenbaum (University of Georgia),

“Bishop and Stein in Paris: Varieties of Experiment”

Bonnie Costello (Boston University),

Dreams and Waking Visions in Elizabeth Bishop”

Lorrie Goldensohn (Vassar College),

“Elizabeth Bishop’s ‘One Long Poem’” 3:30 Refreshments (3rd floor)

4:00-6:00      Bishop and French Architectures (chair: Jo Gill)

Lisa Goldfarb (New York University),

“Sky, Sea, and Shore: Bishop, Valéry, and Post-Symbolist Poetics”

Angus Cleghorn (Seneca College in Toronto),

“Bishop’s Stevensian Architecture in Paris”

Vidyan Ravinthiran (Birmingham University),

“Another Look at Quai d’Orléans”


Opening Conference Dinner & Informal Reading at Restaurant le Christine

@ 1 rue Christine - 75 006 Paris



9:45 Coffee & croissants on arrival (2nd floor)

10:00-12:00  Bishop and / in Translation (chair: Juliette Utard)

Neil Besner (University of Winnipeg),

“Brazilians’ Bishop: Translating North from South”

Katrina Mayson (Sheffield University),

“Elizabeth Bishop, Translation, and the Collaborative Ear”

Mariana Machova (University of South Bohemia),

“Translating Animals” 12:00 Buffet Lunch (2nd floor)

1:30-3:30      Bishop Reaching Out (chair: Antoine Cazé)

Peter Swaab (University College London),

“‘Oh, but it is dirty!’: Elizabeth Bishop’s Liking for Dirt”

Myriam Bellehigue (Sorbonne Université),

“Elizabeth Bishop and Intertextuality: Reading Bishop with Flannery O’Connor”

Fany Beaunay (Sorbonne Université),

“‘You are an I’: Emergence of the Reader’s Voice in Geography III”

3:30 Refreshments (2nd floor)

4:00-5:00      Works-in-Progress (chair: Jonathan Ellis)

Matthew Holman (University College London),
“King Street, Merida, Palais du Sénat: Bishop at the Tibor de Nagy”

Christopher Laverty (Queen’s University Belfast),

“The ‘Better Judgement’ Behind the ‘Walk on Air’: Seamus Heaney’s Productive Misreading of Bishop”

Tymek Woodham (University College London),

“Elizabeth Bishop and Charles Olson: Two paths out of Worcester, MA”


Poetry Reading
, Maureen MCLANE, Vidyan RAVINTHIRAN Deryn REES-JONES, and Heather  TRESELER

(introduced by Jonathan Ellis)

Old Sorbonne @ 17 rue de la Sorbonne - Salle des Actes

(Please note: due to heightened security, the event might take place at Maison de la Recherche - D035)


9:30 Coffee & croissants on arrival (2nd floor)

10:00 – 12:00           Opening Lines / Poetic Lines / Lines of Music (chair: Maureen McLane)

Jonathan Ellis (University of Sheffield),

“For a Child of 1918: Elizabeth Bishop at 7 Years Old”

Langdon Hammer (Yale University),

“Line, Leash, Loop, Snarl”

Deryn Rees-Jones (University of Liverpool),

“Clavichord: A Poetic Essay” 12:00 Buffet Lunch (2nd floor)

1:00-3:00      Bishop and Others (chair: Bonnie Costello)

Jo Gill (University of Exeter),

“City Night to Night City: Proportion and Scale in O’Keeffe and Bishop”

David Hoak (independent scholar),

“Dear Elizabeth, Dear May: Reappraising the Bishop / Swenson Correspondence”

Maureen McLane (New York University),

“(Elizabeth Bishop)” 3:00 Refreshments (2nd floor)

3:30-5:00      Bishop and / in Theory (chair: Bethany Hicok)

Axel Nesme (University of Lyon 2),

“The Purloined Letters of Elizabeth Bishop”

Lhorine François (Université de Bordeaux Montaigne),

“Torture at Work in a Tortured Work: Distortion and Revision in Elizabeth Bishop’s Poetry”


Conference Finale & Dinner at la Bastide Odéon

@ 7 rue Corneille - 75 006 Paris

Maison de lA Recherche de Sorbonne Université
28 rue Serpente 75006 Paris 
Méteo Odéon 

Ground Floor Auditorium (Room D035)

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