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Annual meeting IdA-EULAC-AFD 2020: Women in mouvement in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe

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Annual meeting IdA UE-LAC and AFD 2020

Women in Mouvement in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe

Serie of three webinars

November 6th, November 13th and November 27th of 2020



Scientific Coordinator: Lissell Quiroz (CY Cergy Paris Université)

Women in Latin America and in the Caribbean were never docile beings neither submitted to a patriarchal domination. Despite their subordinate position, they developed their action, including a certain empowerment for some of them. This series of webinars wishes to analyze through three aspects how this process happened, in a comparative perspective with Europe. The first one is about the different forms of feminine organization, presenting various experiences, either regarding the geographical space than the social profiles of the participants (politics, economy, business and associations).

Secondly, the event part will focus on the city as a space experiences by women who, far from being confined to the domestic space, go outside and move on a daily basis. However, urban spaces, conceived and built by men, do not take into account of women’s specifics needs. Therefore, they accentuate and perpetuate male domination. The concept of inclusive city carries a urbanistic project that is more democratic and egalitarian. It will be studied during the second webinar which will present innovative urban propositions and actions which are also groundbreaking regarding the androcentrism in European cities as well as in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Finally, the third part will study a central aspect of the feminist mobilizations during the last decades: violence against women, contemplating women’s and public authorities’ actions to fight against this scourge. Indeed, the American sub-continent endured a period of exacerbated violence during the second half of the 20th century because of armed conflicts, dictators and authoritarian regimes. Women, present in social movements and in the frontline in defending their territories and their communities, have been a targeted audience within this macho and patriarchal violence. In this context, the mobilization of feminist organizations permitted to put the fight against women on the agenda. This movement had impacts and Latin American legislations integrate nowadays the concepts of feminicides and gender violence.

Friday, November 6th

15h-16h (UTC+1) - Inauguration Register online

16h-18h (UTC+1) - Webinar 1 : "Women get organized" Register online
Scientific supervisor: Lissell Quiroz (CY Cergy Paris Université)


Friday, November 13th

16h-18h (UTC+1) - Webinar 2 : "Gender, urbanism and public policies" Register online
Scientific supervisor: Diana Burgos-Vigna (Université Paris Nanterre)


Friday, November 27th

16h-18h (UTC+1) - Webinar 3 : "Violence against women: from assessment to action" Register online
Scientific supervisor: Anne-Claire Sanz-Gavillon (Université de Rouen Normandie)




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