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Academic Permanent Forum LAC-EU

The Academic Permanent Forum between Latin America, the Caribbean and the European Union (FAP LAC-EU) arose from the first academic EU-LAC Summit held in Santiago in January 2013, in the wings of the first Summit of heads of States and Governments of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States - European Union (EU-CELAC).

It aims at strengthening the Euro-Latin American and Caribbean area of higher education, science, technology and innovation, which is considered as one of the priorities in the EU-CELAC relationship.

Four working groups were formed as part of the FAP EU-LAC:

  • Developing the Euro-Latin American area of higher education, science, technology and innovation, by creating the necessary financial conditions,
  • Strengthening the integration of higher education systems,
  • Promoting the integration of scientific research and innovation systems,
  • Strengthening the collaboration between higher education institutions, as well as and their relations with society and the productive sector.

The Executive Secretariat of the LAC-EU FAP is provided by the CELARE, Chile (Centro Latinoamericano para las relaciones con Europa), the Instituto de Estudios Latino Americanos – Escuela Nacional de Estudios Políticos y Administrativos, Romania, la Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico and the Institute of the Americas ; it guarantees continuity and monitoring of the academic Summits between the two regions.
Official website

1st Summit (Santiago) | 2nd Summit (Brussels) | 3rd Summit (Cordoba)


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