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Research Spaces

The Institute of the Americas makes its facilities available free of charge to research centers, invited foreign professors, Ph.D candidates and for scientific events.

Requests are examined according to the scientific project presented and must meet the following criteria:

•    Contributes to the emergence of original perspectives and methodologies,
•    Encourages the creation of gatherings, networks as well as interdisciplinary, interinstitutional and transamerican partners,
•    Develops collaborations between teams and researchers of the American continent coming from institutions that are members of the IdA.

Scientific events 

If you would like to organize a one-time or regular scientific event, the IdA can lend you a room. Three conditions decides on the eligibility of the project:

•    Its compatibility with IdA’s research themes and lines,
•    The affiliation of the organizers with the IdA network,
•    Its transamerican and interdisciplinary significance


Welcome of laboratories, periodicals, associations

The IdA welcomes scientific projects- rather than teams- related to the American continent. It can then temporarily welcome researchers involved in its labeled programs and grants access to its offices. 

Invited professors and Ph.D students

The Institute enables French professors in or outside the network passing through Paris, as well as Ph.D students, to have access to a workspace or meeting rooms for the organization of seminars, day conferences, or thesis defenses. 

•    Information sheet (to be completed)
•    Invitation sheet (presentation of the host)



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