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Societies, Crises and Public Health in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean

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Annual meeting IdA UE-LAC and AFD

Societies, Crises and Public Health in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean

Online – May 31, June 1 and 2, 2021

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As part of the Latin American and Caribbean Week happening each year in France, the IdA has organized symposiums since 2012 in partnership with the EU-LAC Foundation and the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. In 2017, l'Agence Française de Développement (AFD) joigned the organisation committee, becoming therefore a key partner for this event. This year again, the symposium will adapt to the pandemic and will be held as a series of webinar on "Societies, crises and public health in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean" from May 31st to June 2nd. Anne-Peggy Hellequin, Geography Professor at Université Paris Nanterre and researcher at LADYSS is the scientific coordinator of the event.

European and Latin-American societies, like the rest of the world, have faced in 2020 a major health crisis which led to multiple repercussions in many areas. New questionings have arisen concerning the functioning of the different national health systems, the existent economic models and the inequalities they may induce, the social cohesion of each country and  international relations. For neglecting the prevention and the organization of the response to pandemics, most of the governments face painful choices between public health, economic activity and the preservation of citizens’ liberties. In the past, the authorities generally have considered that economic growth would pay dividends allowing to finance health services. In 2021, it will most probably be the control of the pandemic - at global level - which conditions the return to social life and economic activity. Beyond the health crisis and the thousands of deaths (more than 530 000 in European Union and more than 750 000 for Latin America and the Caribbean, that is to say almost half of the deaths in the world in March 2021 according to WHO), the symposium Societies, crises and public health in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean proposes to reflect about the first lessons of this global crisis through three round tables :

  • Health systems reflecting political systems. Public decision and health systems: between resilience and innovation. May 31st 4-6pm (UTC+2)
  • Towards a new health economy : were health inequalities revealed by the crisis? June 1st 4-6pm (UTC+2)
  • Building the post-pandemic world : what participation for civil society in public health policies? June 2nd 4-6pm (UTC+2)

This event will gather researchers, political officials, international organizations representatives and private sector actors to address the challenges of public health policies in the context of the pandemic health crisis on both sides of the Atlantic, from an European, Latin American and Caribbean perspective.

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