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Created on 21 February 2011, the Caribbean center is located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in the offices of FUNGLODE (Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo).

Laurine Chapon, Coordinator of the Caribbean Center (2020-2023)

Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 Doctoral Student (ED 122)

Thesis topic : « Quand le logement devient une marchandise. Transactions immobilières et dynamiques foncières dans les espaces périphériques de la province de La Havane », under the direction of Sébastien Velut

The center's priority areas of work are the strengthening of Caribbean university cooperation, both with universities in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, the English-speaking Caribbean and the French Antilles. During Laurine Chapon's mandate, the research axes of the Caribbean center focus on land and real estate dynamics in the Caribbean region as well as on housing. The themes developed include social and critical geography, economic and spatial anthropology, and urban sociology. The work of the coordinator focuses on the effects of the commodification of housing (since 2011) and the liberalization of construction (since 2013) on urban production in the peripheral spaces of the province of Havana. A particular interest is given to the market devices and actors that structure the Cuban housing sector (in a context of tourist economy in particular). In a comparative perspective and in order to overcome the "Cuban exceptionalism", the coordinator of the Caribbean center is also attentive to the territorial dynamics at work in the other Caribbean cities (in particular Santo Domingo) and is particularly interested in the questions of access to housing in these spaces.

IdA’s referent in France: Carlos Quenan, professor of economy at the IHEAL (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle) and vice-president of the Institut des Amériques

Local referents:

  • Marcos Villaman, rector of IGLOBAL
  • Claire Guillemin, director of the Centro de Estudios de la Francofonía (FUNGLODE)

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