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The Brazil center of IdA was officially inaugurated in November 2010. It is currently located in the Institute of Advanced Studies of the University of São Paulo. The Brazil center and the IEA collaborate closely in the organization of events and university projects which aim at exchange between Brazilian and French researchers and the promotion of their scientific knowledge.

Marina Yamaoka, Coordinator of the Brazil Center (2021-2024)

Université Gustave Eiffel Doctoral Student (ED 530I)

Thesis topic : « Le soutien à l’agroécologie face aux alternances politiques : démantèlement et recompositions dans le Brésil contemporain » under the direction of Eve FOUILLEUX et Frédéric GOULET.

The Brazil Center is built around the themes of agriculture and public policies. Marina Yamaoka's research focuses on the dismantling of public policies supporting agroecology, and even any food production project that escapes agribusiness. She proposes to study the reconfiguration of public action in favor of agroecology in contemporary Brazil, through new types of alliances between heterogeneous actors.

On the institutional level, the center also works to create good relations and collaborations with other French institutions which are also in Brazil such as the French Institute, the CNRS office in Rio de Janeiro, the IRD (Institute of Research and Development), and CIRAD (Center for International Cooperation in Agricultural Research for Development).

IdA’s supervisor Hervé Théry, director of research at CREDA-CNRS, guest lecturer at the University of São Paulo

Local supervisor: Marisa Midori Deacto, University professor at the University of São Paulo


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