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Research priorities

The Mexican hub of the Insitut des Amériques works everyday in strenghtening the links between the Mexican and French institutions and organizations from the civil society in Mexico, more specifically through a close collaboration with the projects and scientific events of the CEMCA (Mexican en Central American Studies Center).

One of its priorities consists in elaborating and supporting scientific events that reunite various actors: PhD students, researchers, artists, civil society, etc. An important event, organized by the CEMCA since 2010 and, since 2015, alternatively by the IFEA is the Young Americanist Days (Journées des Jeunes Américanistes – JJA). Those Days are organized by and for the PhD students from both institutes and in collaboration with various American institutions.

The IdA coordinator works on Central American migrations in Mexico and, more specifically, on hospitality practices for migrants in Mexico and the mobilty experiences of Central American migrants who are (or were) stucked for a time during their path and that have been taken in charge by a non-governmental facility.

Structural overview

Hosted in the capital city (Ciudad de México) since 2011, the hub is currently located within the Mexican en Central American Studies Center (CEMCA UMIFRE N°16/USR Amérique Latine N°3337 – French ministry of foreign affairs/CNRS).

Coordinator: Michelle Salord, PhD student from the University Paris 7 – Paris Diderot (ED 382)

Her PhD dissertation: “Central American migrants waiting zones in Mexico: places of idleness or spaces of sociability and apprenticeship?” Under the supervision of Françoise Lestage.

IdA’s referent in France: Paul-Henri Giraud, Executive Secretary and member of the Scientific Board of the Institut des Amériques, Profesor in hispanic studies at the University of Lille Sciences Humaines et Sociale.

Local referent: Bernard Tallet, Director of the CEMCA.


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