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Structural overview

From June 2011 to February 2016, the Andean Bogota center was hosted in the Andean Parliament, where an active collaboration could be implemented in a “think thank” spirit.

On March 21th 2017, the cooperation framework agreement between IdA and the National University of Colombia was signed. The framework agreement plans the organization of scientific activities and exchange of professors between both institutions. Moreover, it encourages the realization of doctoral thesis under a shared supervision between IdA member’s universities and the Faculty of Human Sciences of the National University. The Andean Bogota center has now an office in the building of the Faculty of Human Sciences of the National University of Colombia.


Laetitia Braconnier Morenos thesis (University Paris Nanterre - UMR 7074, CTAD - CREDOF): “Transitional justice and judicial pluralism. The special jurisdiction for peace apprehended by etnic groups in the Colombian post-conflict”, under the supervision of Véronique Champeil-Desplats.

Research topics

The Andean Bogota center develops two main research lines. The first one is about cultural diversity issues, in the fields of history, literature, politics and law.

The second main research line of the Bogota center concerns issues about the partial resolution of the armed conflict in Colombia. In this perspective, the center intends to develop a study about memory as a guarantee for transitional justice.

IdA’s referent in France: Georges Lomné, IdA Scientific Council member.

Local center supervisorMax S. Hering Torres, Asociated Profesor of the History Department of the National University of Colombia and coordinator of the Colombian Directory of Social History and Culture.of Social History and Culture.

Coordinateur - Pôle andin Bogota

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