For an upcoming symposium, Université Grenoble Alpes is receiving papers exploring the role and functions of the Vice President in the U.S. political system.

While some describe the office as “the most insignificant ever conceived by the human mind” (John Adams) or would have preferred “by far to be anything, say a professor of history, rather than Vice President” (Theodore Roosevelt), American history shows that, time and again, the Vice President has succeeded in proving his usefulness. The procedures for appointing him and his powers were consolidated at constitutional level with the adoption of the XIIth Amendment (1804) and the XXVth Amendment (1967). Nevertheless, despite the increasing influence of the Vice President since the middle of the twentieth century, the role has often been relegated to the background.

The aim of this symposium is to bring together speakers from a variety of disciplines to explore and analyze the role and functions of the Vice President in the American political system. We therefore welcome proposals that address these issues through the prism of civilization, law, history, politics, political science, sociology or any other relevant disciplinary field. Interdisciplinary approaches and case studies are also welcome.


Timetable and terms of submission 

Up to and including September 2, 2024: submission of a 300- to 500-word proposal, in French or English, specifying the author’s first and last name, title(s) and position(s), and the institution to which he or she belongs. Proposals should be sent to the three conference organizers: 

September 23, 2024: response after evaluation by the Scientific Committee 

March 27-28, 2025: Grenoble symposium


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Call for papers (French/English)

Call for papers
up to September 2, 2024
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