Le Centre de Recherches Anglophones (CREA) organise une journée d'étude sur la guerre dans l'histoire moderne des Etats-Unis.

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This symposium aims to bring young scholars from France and Europe to Paris for a day, with the goal of publishing their papers as a special issue of an English-language journal. We welcome contributions covering the period from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries and related to the field of war & society in the United States, regardless of their specific emphasis (economic, political, cultural, etc.). Our goal is to demonstrate the dynamism of war & society, and in so doing to debunk still-pervasive clichés about military history as old-fashioned or not critical enough of its own subject. To the contrary, this event aims to show that there are many new and insightful ways to approach the question of the place of the military in U.S. history. By inviting respondents from other cultural areas, we also want to open up avenues for comparative reflection.


  • 9h45 – 11h15 : Panel 1. War and Society in the World
  • 11h30 – 12h30 : Panel 2. War and Peace: Blurred Lines and Legacies
  • 15h45 – 17h45 : Panel 3. Culture and Cultural Representations at/in War

Evénement gratuit sans réservation.


Organisation par Olivier Burtin (CORPUS – Université Picardie Jules Verne) et Hélène Solot (CREA – Université Paris Nanterre).


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Journée d'étude
le 27 mai 2024
de 9h15 à 18h
Avec le concours de l'IdA
Université Paris Nanterre

Salle de séminaire 2

Bâtiment Weber

Aire géographique