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The advisory committee

Conseil Scientifique, Novembre 2011, Rennes © IdA
The Advisory committee, Novembre 2011, Rennes © IdA

The advisory committee defines the scientific policy of the IdA, in occasion of two meetings every year.

The advisory committee counts 25 members chosen according to the excellency of their experience, and their scientific authority. Its specificity rests on the fact of integrating one third of foreign personalities, and scientific representatives of the disciplinary fields covered by IdA.
The committee works on privileging transamerican and pluridisciplinary approaches. Specifically, it decides of the attributions of economic resources to scientific events, and scholarships for doctoral research. It attributes the prize for the best thesis.



Président du conseil
Enseignant - chercheur
Vice-présidents du Conseil
Les membres
Enseignant - chercheur / Vice-Recteur
Enseignant - chercheur; vice-recteur au développement académique et à la transformation institutionnelle
Enseignant - chercheur
Enseignant - chercheur
Directeur de l'Institut d'études Latino-américaines du GIGA
Directeur du Center for Latin American Studies
Enseignant - chercheur / Directrice
Enseigant - chercheur
Directrice de l' Institute for the Study of the Americas
Enseignant - chercheur
Enseignant - chercheur
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